Why is MobileTEEN the BEST solution?

Four ways to monitor TEEN drivers:

  • Cellphone – via text message or email
  • Email – alerts sent to your email
  • Toll-Free Number – call for alerts
  • Web – track your vehicles on the web

Monitor and track your teen driver with MobileTEEN GPS™ real-time feedback.

  1.  Speed (SpeedAlertSM)
  2. Current Vehicle Location (TeenLocateSM)
  3. Unapproved Locations (GeoFenceSM)
  4. Vehicle is Moved or Stolen (ForceFieldSM)
  5. Find Vehicle Now (VoiceLocateSM)


  • Car crashes are the leading cause of death for American Teens – more than drugs, guns, or cancer.
  • Approximately 500,000 teenage drivers are injured or killed in auto accidents in the U.S. each year. (2005 data)
  • 1 in 7 teen drivers will have an auto accident during their first year of driving.
  • For every 20 teenagers in the US, one will die or be seriously injured in an automobile accident this year.
  • SPEED and LACK OF JUDGEMENT are the two most common factors involved in a teen auto crash with injuries.

(sources: National Institute of Health, National Institute for Highway Safety)


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